Moongate Token-Gated Reward System Upgrade

2 min readMay 6, 2024


Exciting news! This week, we’re updating the Moongate token-gated points rewards system on our platform, offering all users the chance to redeem exclusive discounts and benefits for any event.

With over 200k active online users and hundreds of event partnerships, Moongate is designed to enhance your experience by bridging the gap from Web2 to Web3 with our online NFT ticketing interface. Utilizing blockchain technology, each of our tickets and events is tied to its own NFT, simplifying the event process and ensuring flexible, secure, and reliable ownership.

With our latest update, we’re enhancing our token-gated points rewards system on the Moongate app, offering users the opportunity to access exclusive discounts and redeem points for free NFT tickets to a wide range of events. From music festivals to conferences and Web3 networking events, users can now unlock exciting opportunities to attend their favorite gatherings and explore new experiences.

As a gesture of appreciation to our dedicated community and early supporters, we’re celebrating this upgrade with an exclusive points reward campaign:

How to Participate?

Members who have completed tasks on one of the following Galxe, Questn, or Taskon platforms are eligible to receive rewards. More information will be announced in our Discord community channel.


  • NFT Airdrop: Distributed to 50 select winners for airdrop power up to Tier 2; with 2x points boost
  • Non Fungible Conference Portugal 2024 — Free Ticket: Distributed to 5 select winners (Total value 3000€). Redeemable on the Moongate app official platform.
  • Discord Moonkeeper Role Access: Tier one members with a minimum of 1000 points will gain role access to our exclusive Moonkeeper Discord channel.
  • 600 USDT Reward: Distributed to 30 select winners.


  • Start Time : May 8th — 9 am (SGT)
  • End Time: May 14th — 9am (SGT)


NFT ticketing and token gating are reshaping the event landscape, offering enhanced security, lower scalping rates, and new monetization avenues. As these innovative methods gain traction, attendees can enjoy hassle-free event experiences, while organizers reap the benefits of streamlined processes, increased revenue, and deeper audience insights. Welcome to the era of blockchain-secured events, where Moongate provides a seamless transition into NFT ticketing, simplifying the journey for organizers and attendees alike.

Explore how Moongate can elevate your events by scheduling a demo or trying our platform today.

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