How GM Vietnam Boosted Participation and Engagement Rate with NFT Tickets

3 min readOct 27, 2023


“Navigating through Moongate’s platform has been a breeze for our team. The intuitive interface and robust functionality have significantly streamlined our ticketing process, allowing us to focus more on delivering impactful events. The team’s proactive support and innovative solutions have truly elevated our event management experience.” Jenny Nguyen, COO @Kyros Ventures, Organiser @GM Vietnam


GM Vietnam, hosted in Ho Chi Minh City, was one of the most highly anticipated flagship blockchain events for Vietnam, aiming to explore the progress and innovation of the emerging web3 market.

The event, hosted by prominent crypto leaders Kyros Ventures, Coin98, and Ancient8, witnessed a remarkable turnout of over 6,000 participants and 400 international partners, reflecting its global impact and significance. With 40+ side events complementing the main event, GM Vietnam not only fostered insightful discussions and global collaborations but also solidified Vietnam’s standing in the global blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape.

The Missing Puzzle

Possessing a strong Web3 network, GM Vietnam is continually seeking innovative ways to attract participants, drive authentic engagement, and create an interactive live experience. They are looking for NFT ticketing solutions to provide a native Web3 experience starting with ticket purchase, while a smooth user experience is one of their top considerations. Since the event is also targeting the Web3 communities, they are also looking for solutions that allow users to sign in using wallets and pay with crypto.

Moongate’s Comprehensive NFT Ticketing Solution

Moongate provided a seamless NFT ticketing solution, solving all the needs for GM Vietnam.

  • Unified Web2 and Web3 User Experience: A smooth user journey for both Web2 and Web3 users, offering effortless onboarding, automatic non-custodial wallet creation, and versatile payment options, including fiat and various cryptocurrencies.
  • Streamlined Discount Code Management: Simplifies discount code management with a system that allows easy coordination with sponsors and real-time tracking of code allocation and usage.
  • Flexible Ticket Settings: Organizers can efficiently manage ticket sales with Moongate by setting VIP ticket limits and implementing date-based pricing for early bird incentives.
  • User-Friendly Data Management: An intuitive admin portal for tracking sales and attendance, coupled with a data export feature for enhanced event planning and strategy formulation.

Results: High Participation and Engagement Rate Recorded

Leveraging Moongate’s global brand and expansive community network, GM Vietnam successfully extended its reach beyond geographical boundaries, drawing attention from both local and international audiences. Benefiting from a prime position within Moongate’s Web3 conference database, the event significantly amplified its visibility and outreach.

GM Vietnam triumphed with over 6,000 participants and a high engagement rate, generating over 1.1 million social impressions as the enthralled audience actively shared across social media. Moongate is proud to support such a stellar partner and event.

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