Embracing Innovation: ETH Belgrade’s Success Story with NFT Ticketing

3 min readOct 26, 2023


“Working with Moongate has been a game-changer for our event planning and execution. Their NFT ticketing platform is not only innovative but also incredibly easy to use, ensuring a smooth experience for both our team and our attendees. The Moongate team’s relentless pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction makes them a standout partner in the industry.” Petar Popovic, Organiser @ETH Belgrade

ETH Belgrade 2023

In the fast-paced realm of blockchain events, distinguishing oneself is crucial. ETH Belgrade, held during the Belgrade Blockchain Week from June 2–4, 2023, did just that. This premier event became a beacon for Ethereum enthusiasts and experts from all corners. With a rich agenda that spanned topics from Zero Knowledge proofs to the intricacies of DeFi, and from the creative world of NFTs to the collaborative spirit of DAOs, the conference was a comprehensive exploration of Ethereum’s vast landscape.

ETH Belgrade 2023 Day 1

Identifying the Challenge

Every event seeks to offer something unique to its attendees, and ETH Belgrade was no different. The organizers envisioned a seamless ticketing experience that not only streamlined the entry process but also showcased the real-world application of blockchain technology. They wanted to demonstrate that blockchain, often seen as a complex technology, has practical, everyday applications. And what better way to do this than by integrating an NFT ticketing system within the very ecosystem the event celebrated — Ethereum.

Moongate Steps In

Understanding the vision of ETH Belgrade, Moongate offered a tailored NFT ticketing solution. They took charge of the entire ticketing journey — from the moment an attendee decided to purchase a ticket, to the point they walked into the conference hall. But Moongate’s vision went beyond just the event. Recognizing the power of community, they ensured that the NFT tickets would serve as a foundation for building a vibrant community of attendees, fostering connections that would last well beyond the event.

Moongate NFT ticketing Site for ETH Belgrade 2023

Building for the Future

The aftermath of ETH Belgrade 2023 was a testament to the success of this collaboration. Attendees appreciated the smooth experience, and the buzz around the event was palpable. A notable indicator of this success was the activity on social media platforms like Twitter. Attendees proudly retweeted their NFT ticket images, creating a ripple effect that not only drove traction but also served as organic promotion for the event organizers. This digital engagement underscored the dual benefit of the NFT ticketing system: a seamless attendee experience and powerful marketing momentum.

Recognizing the multifaceted value brought in by the NFT ticketing system, the organizers made a decisive move. They announced their continued collaboration with Moongate for ETH Belgrade 2024, a decision that speaks volumes about their satisfaction and trust in the provided solution.


ETH Belgrade 2023 stands as a shining example of how embracing technology can elevate an event. It’s a story of vision, collaboration, and success. As the world continues to recognize the potential of blockchain, events like ETH Belgrade pave the way, showing us how it’s done.

Moongate NFT ticketing Site for ETH Belgrade 2024