CPG Brands: Regain Power and Reach End Consumers by Activating Moongate NFT Membership Solution

4 min readSep 18, 2023


Existing Problem Faced by Web2 Brands

Consumer packaged goods, abbreviated as CPG, are products end consumers purchase and use regularly, necessitating frequent replenishment. Very often, we make CPG purchases directly from retailers for the sake of convenience, often indifferent to the source or distribution channel. Nevertheless, manufacturers, also known as CPG brands, have gradually recognized the limitations of this distribution channel — their inability to access valuable end consumer data for informing business and marketing decisions.

Bottleneck: Unable to Capture Data of End Consumers

Nowadays, consumers primarily make purchases through big-box retailers. Unfortunately, retailers are not obligated to share any insightful customer data with CPG brands. They might disclose part of the captured data like the total number of sales or returns. However, there is no obligation for them to make such disclosure. Even if they don’t mind sharing customer data with CPG brands, in reality it is tremendously difficult to connect every CPG brand and their retailers across different distribution channels.

For instance, Lays might succeed in convincing major retailers, such as supermarkets, to disclose limited customer data. However, consider the scenario where Tom purchases Lays from a school canteen, while Mary obtains them from an automatic vending machine. It is very unlikely that the school canteen or vending machine owner would bother to share sales data with the parent company of Lays.

Compounding the issue, large retail giants enter the fray, leveraging their exclusive access to consumer data to compete directly with CPG brands. For instance, Amazon launched its private-label brand, Goodthreads, an everyday apparel line, to sell directly to consumers.

CPG brands face fierce competition both internally and externally. They grapple with the inability to capture and analyze insightful customer data to inform strategic decisions or create effective marketing campaigns. Launching customer loyalty programs becomes an arduous task due to the layer of middleman that distants them from their end-customers.

Moongate’s NFT Membership Solutions: Enable Lifelong Membership Tracking

Moongate steps in to alleviate the bottleneck and help CPG brands regain their power. We provide a membership solution that is built on blockchain technology to enable lifelong, cross-channel membership tracking. Using the company’s no-code solution, brands and businesses can seamlessly create, distribute, and integrate smart memberships that capture in-depth customer data, allowing brands to offer benefits that drive engagement and grow customer lifetime value.

Take Coca-Cola as an example, they have recently launched a new NFT collection tied to its “Masterpiece” campaign. The drop is a series of digital Coca-Cola bottles imprinted with artwork from the “Masterpiece” hero spot. The collection allows Coca-Cola to track holder activities, interest, and preferences. There are rumors that the brand giant is planning to launch official NFT membership in bulk later while the collection paves a prelude to the membership launch. Given that the current market capitalization of Coca-Cola is USD $253B, the customer value propelled by NFT memberships will be enormous.

In addition to NFT membership, Moongate offers an all-in-one benefit and community portal. CPG brands can easily distribute exclusive rewards to customers of various tiers, engage customers through contests or gamified campaigns, and facilitate customer interactions — who wouldn’t relish a sense of belonging?

Moongate also accommodates custom requests to tailor the NFT membership experience to your brand’s unique needs.

Every Web2 and Web3 Brand Can Benefit from NFT Memberships

In fact, all kinds of B2B and B2C companies can benefit from NFT membership solutions, not solely CPG brands. Let’s take mall owners as an example, although malls attract daily waves of customers, mall owners can hardly understand precisely who visits their malls, the amount they spend, which stores they make purchases from, etc. By implementing Moongate’s NFT membership solution, mall owners can have visibility in everything aforementioned. They can also take the game to the next level by introducing token-gated benefits, customer loyalty programs, etc. In this way, mall owners can extend customer journeys, reach the most valuable customers, and turn them into loyal brand advocates.

[Alpha] Soon, Moongate will unveil a comprehensive smart membership program for a major mall giant and its ecosystem. You definitely do not want to miss it. Stay tuned to the big news!

Your Customers Will Embrace NFT Memberships

Traditional brands often express concerns about the complexity of blockchain and NFT technology, which has deterred them from exploring NFT ticketing and membership solutions. Moongate offers a no-code solution that brands can activate in less than 10 minutes, and customers are unlikely to even notice that it operates on blockchain technology. Our interface and payment gateway closely resemble those of web2 industries, while the underlying infrastructure operates on web3 principles.

The most common feedback we received from our clients is that their audience didn’t even know blockchain and NFT technology are at work! They just love the simplicity we provide!

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